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shiva & shaktiSession III

SANCTUARY – Shiva and Shakti Unite

1 hour 45 mins $240

Session III is not the end but where it all starts to begin. Combining session I & II into a blissful experience of sensual breath, and magical movements as your goddess guides your energy throughout your entire charka system. This session is done on a comfortable, cushioned, platform and teaches more sacred moves of the Kama Sutra.  You will feel completely and divinely connected with your internal energy as shiva/shakti unite within you.

After all, your body is your sanctuary and should be treated as such.  Feel your being expand in this long lingering session that celebrates your sacred self and aids you in feeling your whole body as sensual manifestation.

Due to the constant dynamics in our lives our energy undergoes many changes and becomes disorganized.  This distortion becomes centered during this powerful session when the creative energy of Shakti leads you into eb and flow of your natural rhythm. During this session our minds are quiet while we allow the forces to take us on our own journey. This session allows the body to understand and accept the natural life cycle of creation, preservation and destruction, reorganization and recreation.

Your Goddess will move around you effortlessly bringing full attention to your being, as she leads you to complete centeredness and contentment.