Tantra Couples Sessions

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Couples Session I, 2hrs, $250 (NYC) $260

Couples Session 2, 2hrs, $250 (NYC) $260

Couples Session 3, 2hrs $300 (NYC) $310


Experiencing Tantra with a partner is one of the most wonderful and satisfying things you can do for your relationship.  In our couples session, learn how to move your own partners sensual energy in a new way.  Enhance your relationship or bring new life into your everyday routine.

Weather you are in a relationship where the energy feels stagnant and boring and needs a refresher or if you are in a beautiful connected relationship , our Couples Sessions have something for you!

Gain more awareness of yourself and your partner, discover new ways to stimulate the sensual/sexual energy within them and yourself as you learn from your practitioner how to create new and exciting ways of experiencing each other’s energies and to find continual romance and renewal throughout your time together!