Tantra Session V Devoted to the Goddess

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2hrs $300 (NYC $310)

“The Art of Eternal Embrace is not one solely of skillful mastery, but of the skillful mastery of love”   -Harmony

Now that you have learned the basics of giving to your goddess in Session IV, our advanced Session V provides the opportunity to take your journey to the next level as your Goddess guides you into the giving of Session III.  Session V moves these techniques to a comfortable, cushioned platform on the floor where you will refine your skills of being God/Goddess to your Goddess/God.

You will gracefully glide your body and move with ease sinking into the intuitive nature of your sensual energy, and bestow the subtleties of truth and sensuality.  Here you are taught the art of the eternal embrace and how to skillfully and effortlessly apply these teachings to your own experiences. The art of tantra is in the flow of intuition, practice with your goddess/god and be ready for your intimate experiences at home.

In this session you will discover that trusting yourself is important, letting go of expectations and the plan you had in mind and embracing the present moment. Riding the wave of sensuality, the powerful high moments then resting and waiting in anticipation for the energy to build again. This session prepares you for the Mutual Divinity session.