Tantra Kama Sutra Dance

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Goddess Dance 2


1 Hour ($150)*



Enjoy the sensual movements of your goddess woven into your tantra kama sutra dance session. Your practitioner will take you on a visual journey while whispering the tantric secrets and guiding you through breath and intuitive touch and body movements.

Feel each chakra awaken one by one through the dance of enticement.  You will find yourself newly attuned to your body as a whole through this amazingly, enchanting session.  Slow and alluring movements allow for a gentle yet enlightening attunement to your sensuous nature.

Kama Sutra Dance Private Session is part sensual body work and dance.  The practitioner may dance for you, you may dance together. The session is about freeing your energy and allowing your kundalini energy to take you on your journey.

The session is designed to help find freedom in your own sensual essence.

*Session I Surrender session should be experienced before your first Kama Sutra Dance Bodywork Session to allow for the connection between you and your goddess.