Tantra & Detoxification

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Tantra Fire

Tantra to Balance the Fire in the Belly

Digestion, absorption and nutrition of the body’s cellular tissues are governed by the fire principle agni in Ayurvedic medicine.  A healthy fire energy in the body can help promote digestion and aid the body’s absorption of the nutritional intake helping with nourishment and immune resistance. When our fire energy is low metabolic wastes can build up leaving us with a sluggish, low energy, low libido, irritability, allergies and lack of passion. With long term accumulation toxins will enter the channels and organs. Intuitive Tantra sessions are designed to increase the fire energy within to bring back the passion of life, to increase circulation and metabolism to remove toxins.   With an excess of fire energy hyperactivity, irritability, insatiable sexual drive, premature ejaculation, inflammation and ulceration may occur.


Intuitive Tantra Sessions are designed to help balance the fire energy in the body. Promotion of the specific breaths as well as the sensual kundalini energy will help to heat up the accumulated fluids to help flush out of the body as well as cool down the excess so that the body fluids do not become diminished.


Symptoms of deficiency in Fire energy

~ gas and bloating

~loss of taste

~constipation and loose stools

~ heavy sensations

~low energy

~cold hands and feet

~ low libido

~ erectile dysfunction

~swelling of the limbs



Symptoms of Excess in Fire energy

~ hyperactivity


~high libido


~acid reflux

~hot painful joint pain

~excessive sweating