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Beneficial Aspects of Intuitive Tantra for Men.

Erectile Health

When there is a lot of stress, the body needs to preserve blood to nourish the vital organs. When this happens erectile function can be compromised as erections will get pushed down the priority list.  Stress can be from just trying to accomplish everyday tasks, to financial stress or past traumas that may have occurred. This stress may limit you in your connection with others inhibiting the nerves that supply the penile tissues with the correct neurotransmitters  of nitric oxide so that blood can flow in.  Tantra sessions are a way to reduce stress through breath activating the nerves that supply the nitric oxide and also help to support the central nervous system so that you can maintain an erection when you need them. Men can achieve erections in two ways. One is by manual stimulation and the other by sensory. Many men explain to us they can only obtain an erection through manual stimulation however this only activates a low percentage of the nitric oxide that is takes to maintain an erection. Intuitive tantra sessions offers you a way to tap into the sensory nervous system so that your body is producing the correct amount of nitric oxide when you need it. This is done by using the breath to activation of the base chakra located at the base of the spine where the pudendal nerve is located in the lower back on the sacral foramen.  Nourishing this nerve will allow the body to produce the correct neurotransmitters  so your sensual energy can trigger the brain to reach every part of your body.  Intuitive tantra practitioners are trained in the sensual aspects of tantra as well as the clinical benefits to help you understand the benefits of the progressive nature of the program.



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Ejaculation Health

Men can often experience premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation and retro-ejaculation. These concerns can occur when the nervous system is out of balance. Erections are under the control of the parasympathetic nervous system and ejaculation is under the control of the sympathetic nervous system. Tantra breathing can help to regulate the nervous systems by stimulating the vagus nerve. This nerve is activated by the diaphragm when breathing deep into the body. nuerotransmittersIntuitive tantra practitioners will guide you into the most effective breaths to help you balance your nervous system allowing your body to respond in its most natural way. If you have been experiencing ejaculation concerns for a long time or a short time Intuitive tantra sessions can help you overcome your concerns and start to enjoy your sensual side of life.


General Symptoms That Clients See Relieved by

Intuitive Tantra Sessions

~Erectile function

~Premature Ejaculation

~ Increase Libido

~ Balances excessive sexual obsessions

~ Pain – physical and emotional

~Stress and feelings of easily getting irritated

~Road Rage

~Foggy mind and lack of concentration

~ Improves Memory

~ Clams obsessive thoughts

~ Insomnia

~ Digestive concerns

~ Sensitivity to others

~ Improves Passion for life