How Tantra Treats Pain

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Tantra & Pain


Many people are desperately looking for ways to help with pain in the body both emotionally and physically.  So here we look at how tantra can treat pain. The Ayurvedic  concept of pain is a signpost for prompting the body  to pay attention and be self aware. It is the body trying to communicate that something needs attention.  Many are aware alternative therapies such as acupuncture can be beneficial for pain relief and just like acupuncture tantra sessions are an effective way to relieve pain without the invasive needles.  The approach with both acupuncture and the Ayurvedic tantric approach is to not just treat the symptoms but to address the underlying pathology.

Pain in Sanskrit is duhkha which menas suffering. The vata dosha  governs movement and circulation so if there is a disturbance within this dosha then pain with occur.   Pain is attributed to a deficiency in prana ( life force energy) which is a similar concept as stagnation of qi and blood in Chinese Medicine.

Similar to acupuncture points the Ayurvedic system has marma points, these energy points are doorways to tapping into the kundalini energy of the body. Intuitive Tantra sessions also utilizes the powerful sensual energy to move the obstructions that are causing the pain.  By allowing the body to relax with sensual breath stimulating the vagus nerve and para-sympathetic nervous system the body will relax any tension and allow the energy to flow naturally.


The different types of pain that tantra can treat

~ generalised body ache

~ burning inflammatory pain

~ muscular pain

~ pain in the joints, arthritis, traumatic injury,

~ neurological pain, psychosomatic pain, mental or emotional trauma

~ pain in the reproductive organs