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NIT - weaving tantra


SURRENDER  “The only constant is change”

1.5 Hours $170


Surrender to your Sensual Intuition. Letting go of resistance is one of the hardest things we do. Intuitive tantra sessions will guide you.

Surrender to the sounds of the goddess, to the melting away of todays troubles and tomorrows turmoil. This session takes you to a place where the body relaxes and  intuitively moves with your sensual energy. You won’t have to do anything or force anything.  There is no forcing or thinking in the tantric arts, this philosophy brings with it the skill of moving around in your sensual world with power, yet graceful ease.  Allowing the kundalini energy to flow, you will have an awareness and knowingness of the natural rhythm of your body and your sensual partners. The old ways will fade away and the new will present itself if we only surrender.

Letting past disagreements or even old clothes drift gently off into the distance when they are not providing us with nourishment or protection any longer, we would barely remember how we even attracted them in the first place. Yet we cling hard to situations, dissatisfying  jobs, struggling relationships and ripped jeans thinking that it is our only support and that the world would be nothing without them. All this can affect our sensual energy.  As the past is released the ability to experience a heightened intuition of your sensual energy becomes clear and focused.

In the Tantric tradition the human body has 7 energy centers ( there are more outside of the body) that provide a junction between the mind, matter and consciousness. These energy centers are called Chakras.  How we express our life force energy  can be dependent on how these chakras assimilate and receive this vital energy. If we tend to hold on to old patterns, inconsistencies may arise in our chakras and start to slow them down draining us, often leaving us with physical and mental illnesses that inhibit us from moving forward.

The chakra system in a column of energy centers that work like cogs in a machine spinning and turning to keep order in our fundamental animal instincts at the base of our spine to our crown chakra at the top of our head providing us with guidance and intuition.

Each individual Chakra corresponds to the body’s anatomical position and is associated with a specific color, sound and element. Session I explores the first 7 chakras utilizing the powerful sensual energy to rise up the spine so that your full body experiences internal bliss.

It is said in Asian traditions that before any transformation there is a surge of energy.  Therefore it takes strength to let go providing power propelling us into the next phase bringing us closer to what our heart desires.

Session 1 provides a full body sensual breath and energetic touch experience learning about how to channel your sensual energy to nourish the chakra system so we can build strength to let go of the past and welcome the future increasing our sensual desires for life.