Kundalini Awakening

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Kundalini Awakening – The speeding up of your incarnation and how Intuitive Tantra sessions can help

Those of you who have read a little about kundalini and kundalini awakenings may know that it can appear spontaneously or be the efforts of a spiritual practice (sadhana). It may also occur from a Guru (Shaktipat).  Due to the overwhelming symptoms that one can  experience, knowledge is a powerful tool in your tool box. This is a flame that will burn pandora’s box open with fury allowing the truth to emerge and the ashes that fall and although seem messy at first will be the nourishment to regenerate a new and powerful life ahead.

Kundalini risingAlthough kundalini awakening is not much of a dinner table conversation, the events that people are going through are. We just sometimes are not recognizing it or calling it an awakening. Sometimes it can appear as a divorce, or the loss of a loved one. The loss of a job or the burning down of your house. Maybe the call to help with a relief program. This fire is fueled by the equanimity of how one has built their life. The polarities of negative and positive will provide the chemistry for the outcome of the future.

This is a time not to be scared but to be excited that you have reached this phase and to see where it will take you.

During this time one feels more present and connected to the spiritual realm or is the spirit more present within us? This is a time spirit embraces the biology of self and magnifies insight into the creative process. Like in a chemistry lab, the fire speeds up the chemical reaction and helps transforms the dullness into desire. The trick is to find the balance of destructive desires, yet not subdue the fire into oppression. 

Kundalini energy may feel like desire, a desire for passion. Not just sexually but on all levels. The more we open to the passion the more the flame flares burning our “baggage” along the way and if done thoughtfully and thoroughly the flame will burn bright and under control.

Surrendering to the powerful force of gratitude that pulls us along our evolution will induce the sense of objective consciousness ( baraka) and again speed up the awakening. Resistance will create self destruction and result in self gratification to avoid ‘The Self”.


Intuitive Tantra sessions help to integrate your kundalini experience or even invoke it if it hasn’t started and you are looking to use the power of the kundalini to move into the next stage of your life. The brave move to a different realm and awaken more passion in your life takes courage and experiencing the progressive nature of Intuitive Tantra sessions can help. The power of sensual touch combined with the movement of your breath helps to utilizing the sensual energy that will travel through the kundalini channels and along the spine. This will encourage the fire passion to move up through the body energizing the energetic chakras of the body resulting in spiritual bliss and the internal orgasmic bliss we all desire. Tantra sessions can be intense and dynamic however results in a calm and stillness that you will carry throughout your days following. You may find your vision brighter and your nerves relaxed and able to deal with any changes and movement within your life as being needed rather that being something to cling to.


The fire of the heart will lead you to where you need to go, the mind will confuse you.  Intuitive Tantra sessions are