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Tantra San Diego
Tantra San Diego
I believe we are all perfect creations looking for guidance, understanding and to reconnect with ourselves. That we are not meant to live this life with just getting by. We all have purpose and gifts that are yearning to come to the surface of our lives. In spite of what we sometimes think, we are energetic, loving beings, deserving of love and a gentle touch. I believe that knowing this and intentionally allowing ourselves to live from within a place of love and connection can bring about a more fulfilling life.
Tantra is a spirit of love and through its energies you can heal, cleanse and gain a deeper understanding of yourself. I am deeply passionate about helping others find their higher selves through holistic healing methods. Throughout my life I have been drawn to helping those whose spirits long for love, kindness, and understanding, and it would be my pleasure and honor to be your Tantric partner, guide and muse in your journey to becoming your most vibrant, enlightened, joyful self.
In every session, I create an environment through my loving and empathetic nature where you can feel safe, nurtured and deeply cared for. There are no judgments here; this is a place of safety and love. During my sessions you will leave your inhibitions behind as you wholly engage in your mind, body and spirit (these sessions are of a non-sexual basis). In our sessions you will also learn ways that allow you to release your stress and tension through proper breathing techniques and meditations. Relax as I gently move the energy through your body allowing your chakras to align.  
I look forward to embarking on this magical journey with you and aiding you in becoming the being you have always imagined yourself to be.”