Tantra Session VI – Divinity & Beyond

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Goddess Statues




2hrs, $400 (NYC $410)



Divinity- The Divinity Session is a culmination of the Intuitive Tantra process.  Here you are guided through a mutual exchange of energy with your Goddess.  Find yourself insightfully aware as you indulge in the timelessness of Divine energy.  This is a session that can be described in no other way than Heavenly.

You will find the balance in giving and receiving as you participate with your Goddess in the reciprocal transferral of the life force that flows through us.  Discover the harmony in the connection of the masculine and feminine as you finally really let go to find yourself full circle in true surrender to mystical connection.

Intensely Relaxing

Insanely Blissful

Intuitively Powerful

Beyond- Although Divinity is the highest point of our program it is not the end.  Culmination is not an end, but a peak, creation is in constant evolution, energy is timeless as are we.   You may repeat any Intuit Tantra sessions you have already experienced, after all repetition is the key to learning.  Inquire about our retreats and packages as well or become a practitioner!

Always remember your sensual self is  limitless, knowledge is power, and there is desire in the unknown.