TANTRA EUGENE | Goddess Kanixa

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Greetings beautiful spirit,

I am Goddess Kanixa, I am a Psychic Cosmic Angel, here for you to assist in your energetic healing journey. If you are feeling any stagnation, fear, fatigue, sadness or confusion, I am here to guide you back to your highest self. By connecting with your main chakras we will release any energy that no longer serves you, cut energy cords that are draining you, and allow for healing energy to fill your entire being to restore balance, vitality, motivation, self love and clarity.

During my sessions I use sensual tantric massage, sacred Reiki healing symbols, aromatherapy, meditation, positive affirmations and mantras to guide you back to your divinity. Once in this place of balance you will begin to thrive in all aspects of your life by first healing your inner temple. Enhance your connection with yourself and all of your relations. Allow intimacy back into your life, listen to your heart and play.

I offer a safe space for you to fully arrive and express yourself. I am hear for you, I am here to serve humanity and facilitate healing so we may all thrive together.

I also am a Psychic Tarot Reader and have divination sessions available for more insight into specific aspects of your life that may be troubling you.

In some of my most powerful past lives I was an Atlantian MaINTUITIVE TANTRA EUGENEge, Egyptian Royal High Priestess of Ra and Goddess of sexual healing in the Middle East.