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Tantra Ausitn
Tantra Austin Tara Anne



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Step into the world of Goddess Tara Anne’s tantra sanctuary. Here you will be invoked with thoughts of warmth and security.  Your mind, body and spirit will be awakened and nourished. You are safe and welcome to enter into a state of total bliss and peace.

 Tara Anne holds the belief that sensual energy is the key to health, well being and longevity. She is a gifted body-worker, Healer and Therapist for over 10 years.

She will offer you a truly integrated process where you will experience the unique creativity of tantric energy, making your session like no other.   


 She orks deeply and intuitively, allowing you to release all that no longer serves you, or prevents your heart from opening to the experience of tantra bliss. Her ability to sense and move universal energies through your body will awaken the fire that is your spirit. Her sensual touch will ignite your passion. Become the fire in the breath of the Kundalini and ascend into bliss. 

Tara Anne’s healing space will pamper you with heated treatment table, hot water pillow, hot and cold towels. 

WARNING:  These modalities will produce radical changes with side effects such as increased happiness, unimaginable abundance, and radiant health.

Tantra Austin
Tantra Austin Tara Anne