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~Goddess Willow is an angelic being who uses her intuition and sensual touch combined with breathing to open up the chakras activating and encouraging release of misaligned energies which can strongly affect our well being and happiness in everyday life.

visiting Goddess Willow is like having a miniature healing vacation. She is unconditional love, compassion, and acceptance. She uses her energy along with her knowledge and awareness of Reiki energy through massage to activate the senses for a stronger mind body connection. She guides the breathing increasing the movement of energy already within us. Relaxing you. Increasing awareness of your body and its sensitivity.

In our everyday routines it’s easy to block off the feminine energy that is naturally occurring in our body. This creates imbalance in our emotions and behaviors. Learning how to open up, release, tune in and be aware we can experience and larger range of balance and pleasures in life.

Visit soon~Kim

Kim B&W