Goddess Amynaa

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I am Goddess Amynaa. I am the Goddess of pure essence and divine light. I am here to hold a scared space for you to explore, understand and find balance with yourself.

Tantra is a scared practice that has helped many people awaken the essence of their being. It will help you unleash beautiful, wild, sensual and enticing parts of yourself. Once this energy is awakened it will help to break down boundaries we have created for ourselves either through the culture we live in or boundaries that exist in our own minds. I work as a channel to guide healing life force energy. This can be used to explore sacred sexuality in a safe and comfortable way. Sexuality is important for us as beings because it is the basis of life.

I am also a Reiki practitioner in the Usui tradition. I offer Reiki sessions and auric cleansing along with tantric massage. I am here as an energy worker to help you reach your highest potential. Everyone deserves to live in freedom and joy in all aspects of life.