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How 112 Degrees Benefits You – TRY IT NOW

Enjoy long-term sexual health with an all-natural supplement

Okay, you’re getting a little older. And you’re probably looking for ways to help you stay healthy in order to continue to experience the activities you enjoy in life—like having sex. That’s why LIFE SPAN labs created 112 Degrees™.

112 degrees
112 degrees – Try It Now

Experience noticeable results in just weeks*:

  • Improvements in blood flow
  • Increased libido
  • Improved sexual performance

Many 112 Degrees customers have also noted changes that include more frequent morning erections, more intense orgasms, improved urination—including ease of going and urine flow—and even getting up less during the night to urinate.**

A Proprietary Blend of Botanicals & Micronutrients

112 Degrees contains top-quality, all-natural ingredients, formulated to improve male sexual health & performance, as well as support overall health & vitality. This innovative, science-based formula is unconditionally backed by our money-back guarantee-no questions asked.

Ingredients to Improve Your Sexual Health

Proprietary blend of top-quality, all natural ingredients

112 Degrees contains top-quality, all-natural ingredients, formulated to improve male sexual health & performance, as well as support overall health & vitality. All ingredients have been tested for safety, effectiveness, and purity. Learn more about our purity standards.

112 Degrees Contains:

  • Butea superba root – increases sexual vigor
  • Tribulus terrestris – combats fatigue & low libido
  • Pueraria mirifica root – improves circulation & increases energy
  • Acai (Euterpe oleracea) fruit – super-antioxidant that protects arteries for strong erections
  • Asian (Panax) ginseng root extract – revitalizes the body & improves stamina
  • L-Tyrosine – enhances energy & maintains normal hormonal levels
  • Cardiovascular blend – key micronutrients to improve cardiovascular function

The partners at LIFE SPAN labs spent 2½ years doing research looking for a unique formula that is safe, effective, & 100% natural. 112 Degrees is the result of those years of efforts – a safe, natural nutritional supplement created by a team of licensed naturopathic physicians and scientists who are experts in the field of holistic and integrative medicine.

112 degrees
112 degrees – Try It Now



“My husband started taking 112 Degrees because he has started experiencing erection irregularities. After taking 112 Degrees, he now has no problems. I am thrilled at the performance it provides. Thanks so much for such a wonderful product – that really works!”

—Christy D. Phoenix, AZ

“Prior to 112 Degrees I was able to obtain an erection; however, I had trouble maintaining an erection. 112 Degrees has helped me overcome that shortcoming. I take it daily as suggested and believe I am better off as a result”

—Richard M. East Brunswick, NJ

“I wasn’t sure about taking something that wouldn’t have an immediate effect, but I did not want to take pharmaceuticals either, so I tried 112 Degrees. Not only did it help me sexually, I was pleasantly surprised to notice I was getting up for fewer and fewer nighttime bathroom breaks!”

—John T., Salt Lake City, UT

“My wife and I are empty nesters and we’re having a great time doing the things we’ve been putting off for so long – like traveling. Sex has always been an important part of our relationship, and now that we have the time to really enjoy one another again, we are BOTH happy to have found your product.”

—Joe M., Orange, CA

“I got divorced after 27 years of marriage, and although dating and having sex with someone new was exciting, it was also pretty intimidating. 112 Degrees has been a great find. And now I have more confidence, so that “seed of doubt” doesn’t creep in anymore.”

—Stewart K, Birmingham, MI