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Goddess Cheyenne

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My journey for wanting to heal and learn more about this beautiful vessel we are put on this earth with started 9 years ago .  I started to study reiki energy work and now this path has lead me to something even more beautiful –  Tantra .  Tantra is what our body and souls  are craving and we don’t even know it till we’ve experienced all the  love and healing we receive in a Tantra session .

The body is our vehicle for experiencing life through all our senses.  It is our energy container and a miraculous manifestation of the Divine.

Our bodies are designed for healing.  It is most often our unconscious thoughts and beliefs that prevent the body from achieving homeostasis (balanced health). 

Working through the physical and energetic body, we can shift our daily actions to align with our highest potential. 

Discover how to tune into the subtle messages of the body and switch on the innate healing available to you.

We all have an inner core or Self that is wise, loving, calm, creative, powerful and healing.  Throughout our lives, we store memories, beliefs, traumas and emotions in our bodies that can create pain, health concerns, distress or personal obstacles in our lives.

By learning to tap into the richness and resourcefulness of our core we can heal ourselves and greatly improve the quality of our life experience.  When combined, relaxation, meditative journeys, visualization and energy work provide a pathway to the gifts of our cores or Selves.

Reconnecting to your inner spirit, your guiding light, and the essence of your eternal soul is where all the magic happens. Accessing the unlimited well of peace, love, wisdom, compassion, creativity and connection to the quantum field of possibilities is not a matter of religion.  This is our birthright – accessible to ALL. Nurturing our spiritual self removes all barriers from realizing our path and purpose. 

It is my mission to help you reconnect with this source of love and joy within you. 

Tantra is a practice of authentically embodying our most sacred essence and the physical expression of it – love.