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Tantra and Kundalini Private Sessions, Tantra Retreats & Professional Trainings 

Men, Women and Couples

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WELCOME TO INTUITIVE TANTRA! We invite you to explore the world of tantra, kundalini and to meet our wonderful tantra practitioners.  We will guide you on your tantra journey every step of the way. We look forward to working with you.

Tantra Practitioners are located in  New York City, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Austin, Atlanta, Seattle, Portland, Washington DC, San Francisco, San Jose, Albuquerque

Intuitive Tantra provides a session structure where each session becomes  steeped in the intuitive balance between you and your practitioner.   Our sessions combine the art of sacred sensuality with the philosophy that lies within connecting the breath to the energy centers of the body.  Deeply nourishing and energizing offering your body a time to relax and move into a state of peace and contentment with the world.

Intuitive Tantra is for both those who are just beginning their journey into the world of tantra and those who have experienced tantra sessions before.


Well our sessions are incredibly dynamic and sensual, and our practitioners are pure joy.   Our lives can complicate the flow of energy and your practitioner will guide you with dynamic sensual movements and breath work to allow the body to again flow naturally with the rhythym of your life.

Our sessions were designed by professionals in the Ayurvedic and Oriental Medical fields.  Intuitive tantra sessions combine the spiritual concepts of tantra with the practical nature as well as providing the symptomatic beneficial aspects you maybe experiencing.

The kundalini energy that rises from the tantra sessions helps to nourish the chakras of the body. This opens the physical and spiritual bodies to receive, allowing you to feel and connect with your awareness. You will start to feel the effects of how sensual energy can accelerate the healing process, manifest new experiences, and create desires when channeled through your energy centers.



You may be experiencing symptoms of anxiety and stress, insomnia or having relationship confusion. Many symptoms can show up in a sexual nature such as erectile concerns and premature ejaculation, or delayed ejaculation. Intuitive Tantra sessions will allow the opportunity for your nervous system to relax so that the body can heal these concerns.

We are meant to evolve as humans and when we are stagnant in our lives it can manifest as physical symptoms.  Utilizing the universal energy of breath that is so unconscious in our daily lives and drawing on our sensual  kundalini energy we are able to expand the body and gather in more energy to lead more productive and fulfilling lives.




images3Session 1 provides a full body sensual breath and energetic touch experience learning about how to channel your sensual energy to nourish the chakra system so we can build strength to let go of the past and welcome the future increasing our sensual desires for life.

Session 2 Sensual energy is utilized for creativity, supporting the second chakra. We will learn to channel it and store it within the body for health and stamina. Having the ability to feel the energy build, you become aware of your true power, creativity and purpose.

In this session we confirm the chakra information from session 1 and combine it with dynamic sensual movements in session 2 invoked by pranayama breath techniques and your sensual touch session becomes alive guided intuitively by your goddess.

Session 3 is not the end but where it all begins. Combining session I & II into a blissful experience of sensual breath, and magical movements as your goddess guides your energy throughout your entire charka system. This session is done on a comfortable, cushioned, platform and teaches more sacred moves of the Kama Sutra.  You will feel completely and divinely connected with your internal energy as shiva/shakti unite within you.



Tantra Training
Tantra Training

Intuitive Tantra Trainings will open up a new world for your clients and yourself. Tantra is a mystical industry and Intuitive Tantra Trainers can bring some clarity to the world within the Tantra Industry.  All our trainers are experienced tantra practitioners and will bring to you their wisdom from many hours in the tantra room. We offer down to earth practical session structures so that you can stay focused as a practitioner offering the stability and safety for your client to explore their own energy.

The work is deep and rewarding offering individuals the experience to guide others through their own sensual energy and spirituality, utilizing the core human connection of touch, the life force energy of breath, organic movements of the body and the power of ones kundalini. This tantra training will provide, tantric theory, philosophy and principles, how to interpret the 12 chakra energy centers, marma points, Ayurvedic theory and diagnosis,  how to intuitively guide the eb and flow of sensual energy and the clinical aspects of tantra.



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